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hunger games blog Learn how you can get this domain»|See more domains like this». This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy. 24/7 Support. And not to beat a dead horse, but how about The Hunger Games? Clearly you're not Katniss, but this is a multiple film franchise and there are many more great. I tried reading The Hunger Games last year, didn't like it, got up to chapter four. Tried reading it this year, I finished it in days. Thinking back. The Hunger Games Wiki's COMMUNITY was fun while it lasted, and I'm happy to have been here…. She would make a far better orator as a professor than as the president of a country. Collins creates an exciting tale of survival, hardship, and sacrifice. What I did was the radical thing. Clean clothes and medicine and a sleeping bag…and you.

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I felt so sorry for Peeta and I just wanted Katniss to make it right because you could see the pain emanating from him when she spoke about the romance strategies and how she wasn't sure about her feelings for him. My family is safe. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is remarkable, and her performance stretches from nurturing to bold, afraid to angry, desperate to confused. If the admins don't mind, I would like to be a Discussions Moderator to make rules and enforce them, at …. Technology Bow and arrow Flowers Mockingjay pin Tessera Tools and gear Weapons. Here is a trailer which tells you more about the exhibition and what we experienced: For the first time in so man…. And I'd be like yep, while looking awkwardly at the ground. You can enter three tributes or one district. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. Your email address will not be published. Story continues down below. hunger games blog Thinking back, I'm not actually sure why I didn't like it back then, but I loved it the second time round and that's all that matters. Review - The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins Waiting on Wednesday 19 Top Ten Tuesday 8 - Top Ten Books I Would Recomme They let you wear one thing from your district in the arena. Sign In Don't have an account? He stabs him 7 times to make sure he's dead. They had a trained military ready to combat the Capitol. Better clear rom lazio so they can get the body before it starts stinking. Check Out Lionsgate's Fancy Mockingjay Part 2 Goodie Bag March 22, by Gcheung I am appreciating your effort. It is well written. Clover 26 November at It seemed like once Nikita hit the airwaves it showed people that you could really do action, and then the next thing you know you were being championed to be cast in The Hunger Games. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

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